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May 30, 2008

Death penalty would deter rape

Jim Svetlecic (5/20, Letters) argues against executing all criminals, including rapists. I was raped as a teenager and was too ashamed to report it or even tell my parents. I never reported the rape because in my youth, the victim was always made out to be the criminal.

It bothers me to this day that I kept silent. There isn’t a crime more vile then sexual assault. It demeans the victim and takes years of therapy to get through it.

It is not a crime that deserves a slap on the wrist or a few years in prison with possibility of parole. It deserves to be considered as heinous as murder because it kills a person’s spirit.

Studies show that rapists often were raped or abused themselves. We know what breeds these low, vile people — male or female — but we have no concrete way of successfully treating them so that they don’t offend again.

Would Svetlecic feel the same way regarding executions for rape if it were his son or daughter who was violently victimized by a rapist?

If execution for rape were on the table, then there would be far less of it happening in this country.

Mae Brown
Spring Hill




You have no right to suggest KC or sports fans in general would back a rapist. You are more likely to rape someone than those you accuse, as you have much more anger and tension exhibited daily.

Here's a place where your rants are more of an insult than others. it takes a particular type of animal to be involved in a dorm gang rape and that is not indicative of NFL or any other major lrague player. From my own personal connection with a victim she was attacked by privileged marginal talent boys with strong alumni and community connections, of the type we are all familiar with (good place to speak up Engineer) your contention is off base. The unemployment line is full of people who threw their life away in college because they were sexual criminals.


Now Solomon, you know that society turns blind eye to the athletes. OUr cherished bunch that provides the greatness to all of society. Come on, fess up, you know as well as I do that ole 27 or any "premier" playercan rape whomever he wants and Kansas Citians will just turn their heads the other way.

BTW - It seems that the majority of women are raped, the claim that the man got them pregannt and the women had no part in the event would constitute rape.



I am sorry for your experience. The girl i was engaged to was gang raped her freshman year in college by members of the football squad and powerful alumni and local connections made her the slut and the lilly-white SOBs victims of her lies. changed both of our lifes forever. She had her life altered to a horrible degree.

Nothing lower than a rapist in my eyes and they don't deserve to live.

Stifled Freedom

Generally those who have been victims are not good sources of advice on policy. They are a little biased.

"There isn’t a crime more vile then sexual assault."

You could be dead....and if execution is on the table, more rapists will likely kill to cover up the crime.

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