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May 24, 2008

Deaths by friendly fire

My heart goes out to those parents who are finding out that their brave soldier son or daughter has been killed by friendly fire. It is tragedy enough to lose a loved one under any circumstance, but to be told that your child was killed unnecessarily is more than one should have to accept.

I was a machine gunner in World War II when, one dark night on the banks of the Rhine River, my best buddy decided to repair a warning system made of a string of cans stretched a couple of hundred feet in front of him. It had been hit by an enemy shell. He notified the line of riflemen in both directions and then went out to repair it. While there, he made some noise, and someone who didn’t get the message killed him.

His parents were notified only that he was killed in action, period.

I know of several who were killed by friendly fire. War is killing, sometimes by friendly fire. Loved ones need not know.

Robert H. Mabes



But government covering it up and lying about it?

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