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May 03, 2008

‘Extreme’ weather coverage

Thursday night’s severe weather report in Kansas City was yet another example of “extreme” weather forecasting. The weather forecasters in this city have taken it upon themselves to scare the living daylights out of our citizens every time a thunderstorm or dusting of snow comes through (and yet can never manage to get it right).

I do not want to minimize some of the damage around Kansas City, and I am glad there were no serious injuries, but let’s be honest: Most of the city experienced little or no damage as a result of the storm.

Folks, we live in the Midwest here. What do we expect? I believe that for the most part Kansas City residents are smart, well-educated people. If you cannot understand the signs of a green sky and a dangerous storm cloud heading your way, then you are living in the wrong part of the country. We do not need the weather forecasters scaring us into the basement with two hours of coverage saying, “Well, something could happen.”

Macaela Stephenson
Kansas City



Oh, please. Give me a break. If the weather forecasters are so annoying, why don't you just turn off the tv or put in a senseless movie or video game. I hate to break it to you, but some of us want to know what could be happening to our neighbors and our cities.


Every station in town has spent millions of dollars on graphics and softwear. They have to justify those expenses, and to do that weather becomes news.


Excellent letter. Just remember though, May is sweeps month for the stations. What better way to get great ratings than have wall to wall weather coverage right during prime time?! There's no viewing audience at 1:30am when the real severe storms were in the area.

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