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May 07, 2008

GM workers’ strike

The union workers on strike (5/6, A-1, “A prolonged Fairfax strike could hurt Malibu sales”) should get everything they are asking for, which, of course, means GM should shutter the plant and move production overseas.

When will unions learn that they, and they alone, are responsible for ruining the American economy over the past 40 years? Extortion is illegal, and the union leadership should be charged.

Pat Nolan
Sedalia, Mo.



As a union member, I agree with Marctnts.


I too agree with all Marctnts has said. And isn't this strike over things to which the Union has agreed but the Local is unwilling to accept?


I agree with everything marctnts wrote. The only reason unions are still existing is that they protect people who make more money than they should.


I beg to differ. Stiking is not like action being taken against someone for default of agreement. Striking is like refusing to work during the yearly performance reviews until you like the raise and beneifts you receive. This strike was called by the UAW because of failure to come to terms on a new agreement with GM, not because GM defaulted on some portion of the existing agreement.

Unions served a purpose when minimum wage laws did not exist and men worked for a dollar a day. The situation has drastically changed, and yet business still finds itself handcuffed to a set of rules which give unions excessive abilities to demand unjust things without a just path of recourse. There is nothing wrong with the right to collectively bargian, what's wrong is the inability of the company to do anything about it.

I would not go so far as to say unions have ruined our economy. They have, however, played a big part in ruining many large businesses. Companies like GM, which are suffocating under excessive labor and benifit costs, will soon be forced into drastic measures in an attempt to survive. What will that fat salary and pension package be worth when your employer no longer exists?

If you want to strike against what you feel are unjust proposals, fine, but the company should have the right to replace you when you don't show up for work with someone who will. One tip though, when your compensation rises above the level that the market determines your productivity is worth (which it has), be careful about walking out. There will always be someone willing to work for a balanced wage.

red rover

Leave it to my beloved star to print an anti-union letter as the first mention of the strike in the opinion page. Alas, nolan, you don't have a clue about unions. How have they ruined the economy for 40 years? They have raised the standards for everyone so we don't have to work poor paying jobs in unsafe conditions.
Striking, nolan, would be like you not living up to any written obligation you have entered into and action would be taken against you.
It's unbelieveable how much ill KC has for the UAW. You just do not realize what the Ford and GM plant contribute to the KC economy. If you don't believe it, go to Oklahoma City and ask how they are doing without their Gm plant.
And no matter how much we give up, it's not like the cars are getting any cheaper.
If you don't work at the plant, you don't know what goes on at the plant, just like we don't know what goes on at your jobs.

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