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May 25, 2008

Homeless people in Northland

The Northland Assistance Center in North Kansas City helps supply food and prescription needs to a clientele of approximately 15 homeless males, including Mike O’Brien, who is featured in The Star’s article (5/19, A-1, “Homeless people migrate to Northland”).It is my experience that these men are not a “threat to public safety” or a danger to children. Many of these individuals have mental health issues that combine with and lead to substance abuse and dropping out of society. Our clients will not seek shelter downtown. Even they are afraid of these shelters.

Rousting these individuals from their camps and destroying or confiscating what little property they have is not the solution.

I have witnessed the compassion of the Northland community. I hope leaders in the community work together with nonprofits and social-service agencies to provide shelter and adequate care for this growing population.

Rita D. Pearce
Executive director, Northland Assistance Center
North Kansas City



Don't worry. After Obama is elected they will all disappear just as they did after BC was elected.

T. Hanson

"Hidden in the crevices of the Northland is a growing population of homeless individuals, many of whom find temporary work during the day, then at night retreat to secluded makeshift dwellings. Officials said that over time, some of those individuals become a threat to public safety and private property."

"...Many have turned north, and authorities, parents and business owners are worried about where they have been settling."

-KC Star

It sure made it sound like they were less than human. I am not saying that we need to drop everything and give all these people money, but just remembering that anyone of these guys/gals could have been your best friend in elementry school.


On this day of rememberance, I wonder how many of these folks (across all of the metro area) are veterans.

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