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May 24, 2008

Host an exchange student

I would like to personally thank all the wonderful families who have hosted exchange students this school year through EF Foundation for Foreign Study or any of several other fine organizations.

This year ends, but as the students leave they will not forget host families who have graciously opened their hearts and homes. Students have explored our world and will leave with new perspectives and broadened horizons, keeping a special bond with their “families,” classmates and friends in the U.S.

Thank you also to administrators, teachers and staffs of local high schools who welcomed foreign students into their classrooms and activities, helping them hone English skills and offering encouragement and support.

As we say “farewell” to these students, we search for homes for students arriving in August.

Host families are the heart and soul of such programs. Please consider opening your home to one of these outstanding young people.

Tena McTaggart
Regional coordinator, EF Foundation for Foreign Study, northeast Kansas region


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