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May 16, 2008

IDs prevent illegal voting

I believe that the photo ID laws that are emerging as a topic of debate recently support the right to vote. Illegal aliens have no right to vote in our elections. Proving who you are at the polls is not an inconvenience. As a soldier, I defend the Constitution and the citizens of this country, not those here illegally that destroy our institutions.

The argument that IDs are too expensive for some people to attain is weak and flawed. Identification is required for cashing checks, picking up tickets at a baseball game, gaining entry to government facilities, applying for credit, driving a car, riding on a plane and living our lives.

I sincerely hope that the lack of identification will lessen the numbers of illegal voters at the polls. Illegal aliens do not have the rights that professional citizen soldiers have died to defend.

Jon Beddall
Fort Leavenworth



Funny how many of these "poor" and "aging" citizens can find the convenience and time to obtain ID to get into the casinos.


If the State will supply the ID free of charge, and will cover the cost of obtaining documentation in order to get the free ID, how can this be considered scamming the poor out of their vote?

How are we benefitted by having a process for voting that is less secure than the process for picking up tickets at a baseball game?


Mr. Kerr four members of ACORN were arrested and pled guilty to registering over 10,000 phony voters in Kansas City. Perhaps you missed the news that day. Oh, I know, not a single, solitary one of those 10,000 would have shown up to vote.

Have you ever heard the expression, vote early and vote often? Ever hear of Cook County IL.?

Recall 1998 when the polls in St. Louis were kept open an extra two hours, the "votes" cast were later determined to be "tombstoned".

I suspect you don't remember these little problems as you are too busy getting the "poor aging citizens" to the polls.

John Kerr

Jon Beddal obviously enjoys the opportunity to vent spleen on immigrants, yet no significant evidence of fraud has been offered in support of voter ID legislation here or in many other states.

The legislation is an obvious Republican scam to reduce the numbers of poor, aging citizens who will be allowed to vote in 2008.

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