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May 08, 2008

Indy shouldn’t pay for schools

The Independence School District should not have to pay anything for the buildings being transferred from the Kansas City School District (4/30, Local, “KC-Indy talks come to naught; Compromise is elusive on school buildings affected by the district boundary change”).

Transferring the administrative responsibilities for some public schools is not comparable to selling an income-producing business. It is unreasonable (actually outrageous) for the KC district to demand payment for the five schools that were given them years ago from other districts that were incorporated into the KC district.

In addition, the value of the two buildings that were built by the KC district should be offset by the taxes that were paid by the citizens in the geographic area that is being transferred. Those citizens shouldn’t have to now buy back the buildings their taxes already paid for.

The Independence district is going to have a large enough financial burden just fixing up the buildings they are receiving.

M. Richard Troeh



The schools are built and paid for by the patrons of the school district. Therefore it would seem only fair to assume that the schools in the contested area were built and paid for by the population in the contested area.


Richard is right about one thing, the Independence school district should have to buy the schools. KC district should tear down the schools and have the land purchased through an imminent domain action by independence and then they can build the schools they want. At least this way, they are doing it the same way all other district get more schools.

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