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May 05, 2008

Justice Roberts’ speech

Last week I drove across town to hear a speech by Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. at the Lied Center in Lawrence. He proceeded to read an excruciating essay, obviously written by a very bored law clerk, on the Louisiana Purchase.

I had high hopes that Justice Roberts would address a timely issue of great interest to us all, such as the War of 1812. I wish I had my gallon of gas back.

Richard L. Warrick



If you have read such monstrosities as Kelo you should understand how very, very far left Ginsberg is. IMO Beyer is another thinker who is dangerous to the Constitution. That is if the Constitution is a written document and not just the majority opinion of a nine person court. Souter is just a nonentity who follows the lead of the left side of the court. Any judge is ill advised to speak on matters that may come before that judge. Ideally they will not even form opinions on a specific subject until the matter comes before them in court.

Stifled Freedom

Rogue: The semi-conscious conservative. Do you believe everything they tell you?


I certinaly hope we get more Roberts and Altios to replace the whacko Ginsberg, the whacko Souter, and the Whacko Breyer. One can only hope!


And if an employer is screwing you, you have a short length of time after the screwing starts to go to court. Only find out later that you are being screwed? Then screw you!

Stifled Freedom

That is a very odd choice of topics. What does Roberts want to do? Go back to slavery. Bush and his cronies all still live in the 1800s.

McCain just promised today to nominate more Supreme Court justices just like Roberts and Alito.

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