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May 19, 2008

KKFI programming changes

I was disappointed to read Steve Penn’s column about KKFI (5/15, Local, “Change at KKFI-FM is a sad refrain”), I love the blues and enjoy the jazz programming more than what I hear on other area stations.

KKFI has been increasing the amount of time it devotes to alternative news programs because there is a crying need for news and information not provided by the mainstream media. That is why the program “KC Media WatchDog” is one of its most popular shows. KKFI listeners obviously appreciate these programs and have said so with their donations.

As Mr. Penn mentioned in his column, KKFI’s mission statement says, “...educate our audience ... provide a channel for ... issues...that have been overlooked, suppressed and under-represented by other media.” That is exactly what the station is doing with its increased focus on alternative news programming.

If The Star, and other local news media, would do more to bring us the under-reported news that KKFI’s listeners are looking for, perhaps KKFI could devote more airtime to music.

Bill Langsdorf
Kansas City



I knew their father. Not well. Primarily through the work I did with the KCBS. He would be thrilled with what they are doing.

My oldest took me to a show that was a "rock band I would like". Turned out to be TUF. Seems the younger crowd likes the blues, you just can't call it that or they will turn their nose up in advance. Sorta like broccoli that way.

T. Hanson

The thankless job of being a radio station programer.

I have said over and over again of the lack of radio stations that play other than Country (x3), Rock (x2), Adult Contemp (x3), Top 40 (x3), Alternative (x2), Christian (x4).


You may have a point Jack. The demographic I see at the local blues jams around town seem to mirror your observations. Then again, there are people like Danielle and TUF who seem to be drawing a younger crowd.


The jazz and blues crowd are getting older. Sad truth. Not many younger folks are interested in either. That means fewer donations and fewer volunteers. Both of which KKFI relies on.

A lesson I learned working the KC Blues and Jazz Festival:

Blues fans have a 2 beer minimum. Jazz fans have a 2 beer maximum.

Blues fans were always much more fun.

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