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May 09, 2008

Literacy for a better life

Not only is Alferd Williams of St. Joseph discovering a wide-open world by learning to read at the age of 70 (5/3, A-1, “He just wanted to learn — now he’s an unlikely hero”), so have almost 4,000 other adults who have been students at Literacy Kansas City since 1985.

Last week we welcomed 34 potential adult students through our doors as they took the first step by admitting they need to learn this basic skill.

Now the task is for us to find 34 new volunteers to be tutors in our one-to-one program that requires a great commitment of time and energy but also offers tremendous rewards to both student and teacher.

Learning to read is not easy. Just ask Mr. Williams. But it makes living so much easier. It offers an opportunity for independence by passing a written driver’s test. It allows for one’s voice to be heard in the election booth. It results in a more valuable employee. And it helps one find the green beans in the grocery aisle.

If you want to be a volunteer tutor, or know someone who needs to improve their reading or math skills, call Literacy Kansas City at 816-333-9332.

Cliff Schiappa
Interim executive director, Literacy Kansas City
Kansas City



Good for him.

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