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May 25, 2008

New Employment Verification Act

Our country is in the middle of an ongoing discussion about reform of our immigration policies to make them more realistic, enforceable and workable in our global economy. This includes strengthening and improving current programs, such as employment verification.

Employers are now responsible for ensuring a legal workforce, yet today’s paper document verification system makes it difficult to prevent document fraud and identity theft.

The New Employment Verification Act (NEVA), of which I am a co-sponsor, would replace the voluntary “E-Verify” program used by less than 1 percent of employers with the state’s “new hire” reporting process, which most employers already use to check for child support enforcement purposes.

Doing so will transform our old, paper-based method of employment verification into a 21st- century, state-of-the-art electronic verification system, ease the burden on responsible employers and ensure that we identify illegal workers.

Mandatory verification, in whatever form it takes, needs to be done right. I will continue to work with my colleagues to develop legislation that will ensure strong enforcement of our laws and provide the important reforms necessary to make our immigration system more efficient and effective.

U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore



Pretty pathetic, we can harrass fathers that work but can not ascertain illegals.

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