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May 28, 2008

Peace rally signs

This is in response to Ross Balano’s Blog Bit (5/22, Opinion, “You call this a peace rally?”): My husband and I carry signs at the peace rallies that say, “Out of Iraq Now, Not to Iran.” But we also know the reason we are in Iraq is because of Bush and Cheney’s actions.

Since rallies are an expression of democratic freedoms, other people have the right to carry signs with any messages they want. As a result, many of our colleagues’ signs connect Bush and Cheney with the war itself.

Perhaps Mr. Balano would like to attend one of the rallies (Sundays 4 to 5 p.m. at J.C. Nichols Fountain and Tuesdays 5 to 6 p.m. at 63rd and Ward Parkway) to see the messages for himself.

Kris Cheatum
Kansas City



I seldom have idle time but this is what happens when I do. I would rather have a neighbor with a pit bull than a war protestor in my neighborhood.



They all look and dress alike -- do you suppose they are all related or perhaps cloned from a single protestor from the 60s?



Too late, Eng, I tried & failed. My idea of patriotism is to catch one in the headlights.



The letter makes me remember the new commandment for drivers suggested some months ago on a local talk program: "Thou shalt not run over war protesters either on Ward Parkway on in the Plaza, no matter how avidly and deeply thy desire to do so".



That kid is not fighting for their rights. I've never been a war protestor, but for you to say our troops in Iraq are fighting for our freedom is bull.


A letter from a proud member of "rent a mob".

Every time I drive by those morons I think about that kid who humps around in 140 degree heat, would not know a glass of ice water, and has not showered in a week.....just to allow these people their absolute right to make complete asses of themselves.

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