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May 05, 2008

Photo ID requirement

The League of Women Voters of Missouri strongly opposes the constitutional amendment, HJR 48, which would require voters to obtain and show a government-issued photo ID before exercising their constitutional right to vote.

Research shows that photo ID requirements encourage racial and ethnic discrimination at polling places, prevent eligible voters from participating, and limit turnout. Genuine instances of impersonation at the polls are rare, and the costs of this proposed solution to an unproven problem are great.

In 2006 the Missouri Secretary of State estimated that almost 240,000 Missourians of voting age, including about 16 percent of our seniors, don’t have a state-issued photo ID. The burden of obtaining one falls hardest on elderly, low-income, minority or handicapped people, who often lack the required documents (birth certificates or marriage licenses) needed to obtain ID. A photo ID requirement would disenfranchise the very people who must work the hardest to vote at all.

Missouri should be in the business of encouraging full participation, not impeding the right to vote. The Legislature should oppose the voter ID requirement and instead focus on improving poll worker training and ensuring our elections are more efficient, secure, accurate and re-countable.

Jo Sapp
President, League of Women Voters of Missouri



Take it easy guys. Don't you realize that you are advocating taking one of their sources of income away from poor people in East St Louis? As well as deigning them nice bus rides?


Well I will say this jack (leg) it was a liberal group ACORN that had its officials indicted for 10,000 illegal voter registrations, and not the Heritage Foundation. It is the democratically controlled Cook County where election fraud is the rule. It is the Democratically controlled City of St. Louis that has had officials indicted for tombstone voting.

Yeah, by and large then jack (leg) I would say Republicans don't try and stuff ballot boxes...........Truth hurts don't it jack (leg)?

Stifled Freedom

I am with Rogue and NMMNG on this one. I cant believe we went this long without requiring IDs to vote. It just makes sense.

However, Rogue, take notice about lobbyists and special interest groups. The League of Women's Voters is definitely one of them.


Yeah, Republicans never do anything unethical to help get themselves elected.

GD Democrats!


Lets face it anyone NOT for using a photo voter ID, is encouraging voter fraud, period. The habits of Cook County Ill. and the city of St. Louis of voting "early and ofter" are coming to an end. About time.


Jo there is no reason people that are legal citizens should not have a State issues ID. Being disabled is no excuse nor is being a minority. You have to have ID to have a bank account and to obtain a Medicaid card.
A birth certificate is easily obtained in a matter of a few minutes for a few bucks, they print them right there at the local office. What you want Jo is to allow illegal and bogus voting for Democrats.

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