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May 08, 2008

Photo IDs for voters

I don’t believer the photo ID law supporters are trying to pass in Kansas, Missouri and elsewhere (4/29, A-1, “Way clear to require photo ID for voting”) will do any good.

I say this because Americans don’t vote as much as they should currently. If we decide to take away more voters who, unfortunately, cannot either afford or obtain a photo ID, we are just turning away more voters.

I don’t know if requiring a photo ID is going to stop, or even lessen, voting fraud. I do believe that some sort of identification should be shown where the voting takes place, but not necessarily a photo ID.

I only think that this will lessen voter numbers, cause more chaos and make the poor and minorities feel as though the states are personally attacking them with this request.

Katie McSorley
Kansas City



It is high time we stop election fraud. Have you forgotten the four members of ACORN who pled guilty to registering over 10,000 fraudjulent voters Katie?

A photo ID is required to board a plane, cash a check, apply for government handouts, etc. It is high time we placed the same requirement to perform a citizen's greatest responsiblity.

Letters like Katies simply SCREAM, I want to see the fraud and cheating continue.

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