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May 16, 2008

Synchronized signals save gas

Frances Keating (5/12, Voices) was right that drivers would need to slow down to take advantage of synchronized lights. One of the main advantages of synchronized lights is there is no longer a reward for speeding and running red lights.

It is time for us to look at traffic controls as an opportunity to save a huge amount of gas, which benefits us all.

We can no longer afford to have lights where left turns are made only on a special light. How much gas and time are wasted sitting at a light where you’ve just missed the left turn signal when there is no oncoming traffic?

Late at night, lights should be set to blink so that the main road doesn’t stop traffic unnecessarily.

It is time that Americans realize that conservation of gas is not only an economic issue but a national security issue as well. Sane traffic signals could save millions of gallons of gas, time and — in the long run — lives.

Bill Stoker
Overland Park



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