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May 07, 2008

Thank you, firefighters

I would like to publicly thank the Kansas City and South Platte fire departments and remind everyone what superb service our firefighters provide while risking their lives in many situations.

Firefighters have come to my aid twice within the past few months. Once was for a medical emergency, and the other was for a feline rescue. These two situations were extreme opposites in emergency value, but in each case the firefighters were very helpful and unfailingly kind.

We hear so much about budget-tightening and cost-cutting. Let’s all hope that our cities and counties can find ways around having our firefighters make sacrifices when they deserve so much.

Sue Camarillo
Kansas City



I think that firefighters and police officers do an admirable job, for which they are compensated.

My only concern is that the "It's for the firefighters / It's for the police" or the "It's for our safety" arguments have become a tactic on the order of "But what about the children". Using these sorts of scare tactics to coerse the population into greater taxation are often dishonest.

T. Hanson

Just remember they are also a government enity, and therefore need to be watched for money waste as well. If that means every once and awhile they get refused a bond issue then it does not mean you hate FF, just that you might not think they are spending the money wisely.


Anybody care to tell us how firefighters are just another waste of taxpayer dollars? Didn't think so.

Great job, firefighters.

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