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May 28, 2008

The Dolphin makes a splash

The First Friday in June will be a significant evening in the Crossroads Arts District. It will be the last First Friday that we will share with our neighbors, the Dolphin Gallery.

The Dolphin has been one of the arts anchors in this neighborhood since the area around 20th and Baltimore was known as Leedyville. This summer Dolphin owner John O’Brien and his gang are packing up and heading down to the West Bottoms, where they hope to spur a resurgence of that part of town, once a mecca for young artists and their guerrilla galleries. If any group can pull this off, it’s the Dolphin gang.

Many people contributed in many ways to this phenomenon that has become the Crossroads Arts District, but no one can deny the impact the Dolphin has had on this once run-down, now thriving neighborhood.

I have no doubt that they will have similar success in the West Bottoms. But we’ll certainly miss them, especially on First Fridays.

Mo Dickens
Gallery assistant, Belger Arts Center
Kansas City



Is Mo Dickens really a name or is it like Seymour Butz or Heywood Jablowmi?

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