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May 08, 2008

Ticket scalping in Missouri

Last year the Missouri General Assembly approved and Gov. Matt Blunt signed a bill making ticket scalping legal in Missouri.

I believe that ticket scalping squeezes regular folks — the taxpayers who support the building of these stadiums — right out of the ability to see sporting events and concerts.

As long as we have taxpayer-supported venues, we must protect the rights of the taxpayer to have access to the tickets at face value. What happened in Kansas City at the Hannah Montana and Elton John concerts cannot be repeated.

If the General Assembly thought that the ticket-scalping bill was a good bill, it should have passed it on its own during regular session in plain sight, not during special session as part of a spending bill.

The people of Missouri and the entire nation are tired of earmarks and tired of high prices. Let’s keep tickets at reasonable prices in the hands of families, not in the hands of ticket scalpers and ticket brokers.

Please call your representatives in Jefferson City and tell them we don’t want ticket scalpers in Missouri.

Ward Dickmann



Anyone think Ticketmaster might be complicite in the process?


I think you are missing my point. It is not the face value that is an issue. It is the, for lack of a better word, black market (ticket brokers, scalpers, etc) where the injustice is being done. These people are doing nothing except somehow scamming Ticketbastard to get premium tickets and selling them for considerably more than face value. Neither the artist, venue, promoter or city sees one dime of this incremental revenue.


Entertainment is not an entitlement nor does the Constitution mandate the government subsidize nor regulate ticket prices. I personally think stadiums and arenas that are for profit and privately owned (the teams that use these facilities) should not be receiving millions in tax free, unearned tax payer dollars. If people do not like ticket prices, then don't go.
If the height of worries in life for someone is Hannah Monatan, then i would say they are pretty patethic. To think, some believe kids are entitled to these expensive venues whether the parents can afford it or not. Nice to know some father is probably sitting in the pokey because he would not fork out the ridiculous money for entertainment.


I don't think Mr. Dickmann is referring to the face value of tickets. He is referring to brokers who somehow end up with a vast quantity of tickets for the best seats and sell them for a considerable amount higher than face. Personally, I always thought these people were a bit evil myself.


Why not have government step in on the scalping of bottled water prices or the cost of scalped property taxation?
If you don't like ticket prices, then don't go. Maybe if you put that money into a sound investment, you would have more of it rather than waste it on an overpiced venue.

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