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May 23, 2008

Violent video games

Jonathan Last tries to rationalize away the corrupt “entertainment” of the “Grand Theft Auto IV” video game (5/19, Opinion, “It’s just one more form of entertainment”). To use the excuse of the second law of thermodynamics to justify our culture spiraling downward is ignorant.

We are not the universe. We are humans who have a choice to say yes or no to corrupt forms of entertainment. When we choose to say yes to the sick enjoyment of virtual killings of innocent bystanders and the theft of other people’s property in the video games out today, we are choosing to aid in the descent of our culture.

When we say no to these forms of entertainment and choose healthy forms of entertainment that do not warp our mind, we are defying the negative influences in our culture and saying yes to a positive and healthy culture for us and our children to live and thrive in.

Christina Brown

Did anyone else question Jonathan Last’s assertion that culture “tends inexorably toward lesser levels of sophistication?” We’re not living like cavemen anymore, dragging women around by their hair. And what of the Germanic and barbarian tribes? They became civilized. Or is Mr. Last only considering history he has personally witnessed? Doesn’t his devolution rationale fly in the face of evolution?

And did I miss the logic by which Mr. Last concludes that the increased affordability of transistors per integrated circuit leads inevitably to software designers programming in the option of executing prostitutes to recover gamers’ money?

Doug Burford



NoMo: Are you capable of disagreeing with anyone without name calling or otherwise insulting and demeaning them? If not, maybe you need to ask yourself why.


Good morning Ne,

You're right, and to add to your point the designers of these games have parents who grew up on "Bonanza" and capguns.


Humans have been violent long before video games. Typical "more government' losers attempting to control what we do in our private lives. Maybe nations should "fight" online against one another to resolve political tensions.


Yep, the fault lies with video games, movies, music, and all those people with "bad morals". If they would just straighten up, everything would be wonderful.

Notice how these people never look in a mirror while trying to figure out the problem?


...and punk rock music causes kids to commit suicide.

...and violent movies cause kids to shoot up their schools.

...and sex education in schools causes kids to hump like bunny rabbits.

...and owning guns causes the owners to kill others.

..and etc., etc., etc.

It's called personal resonsibility people. I'm amazed how many people think their lives would be better is they signed away their rights and let a "moral police" do their thinking for them.

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