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June 18, 2008

Boy Scouts

The tragic news last week from the Little Sioux Scout Ranch in Iowa saddened us all.

As a mother of three boys preparing for their annual summer stay at the Bartle Scout Reservation, the news hit especially close to home.

I couldn’t help think that if that tornado struck another area where many boys were together — say a baseball or soccer complex, or even another non-scouting camp — the tragedy could have been even worse.

From verbal and written accounts, we hear how these boys worked as a team, following the directions of their adult and Scout leaders, drawing on the skills they had learned over years of scouting and staying true to the principles in the Scout oath and law.

Would another group of boys acted in the same manner? Merit badges and rank advancements earned in Scouting aren’t just decorations on a sash. They represent skills a Scout learns young and carries with him throughout life.

The young men at Little Sioux represented Scouting at its best.

Patti Cokingtin
Trailhead District, Heart of America Boy Scout Council



katman: You said it best.

Mark Robertson

It's sad that it takes a tragedy for many to see what a great organization the Boy Scouts is.
It is also great to see that their are still quality young people out there.
The courage, intelligence, preparedness, perceptivity and caring attitude of the young men was something to behold, gives hope to the future. Thankyou.

Mark Robertson


Well said Kat


There seems to be more of us who have maligned the Boy Scouts than have supported them. You don't have to support them financially but give our young people a chance to expand & to enjoy their lives.

....and give yourself a merit badge for doing so.

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