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June 27, 2008

Brit’s happy holiday in KC

I have just spent my first vacation in the United States — a week in Blue Springs and Kansas visiting family. I have to say it was one of the best holidays ever, and not just because of my great family.

The people of Kansas and Missouri should be proud. I experienced nothing but genuine friendliness and politeness that is unrivaled in all the countries I have been in for the last 10 years.

I became addicted to baseball when seeing the Royals play the Giants and was amazed at what a family affair it is for everyone to go to the game. More than 34,000 people and not a word of dissent from anyone (and we lost)!

What a great state you have I will definitely be back. Missouri and Kansas, you rock!

Jo Adams
Furzehill, Dorset, England



Good afternoon NE,

Thank you for the opening........

"A true patriot is a lover of ones country who rebukes and does not excuse its sins".-Frederick Douglas


NO sh*t, I actually meant "they", "healthcare", "subsidized".
I type for crap, BFD. So I can't get a job at the 16th Circuit as a typist, entering erroneous and fraudulent data.


My only complaint is that some of the people there have the luxury of subsized housing, foodstamps, healtcare, untaxable/accountable cbild support and receive robust tax refunds...YET can afford sporting events. Define patriot.


their, not there.....


Good morning Marctnts,

Halle Berry has his panties in a bunch because of the P&L district conversations, which for some reason he feels are not appropriate on this blog. (I'm shocked if he hasn't called his friend at the Star to express his horror). he's not been called a racist for his attitude, but has seen fit to announce a few times that he has never in all his years been a racist. Heck, he even had a (he can't remember what they called them in those days) non-white fraternity brother. He reminds us that in his younger days there were places he'd go that blacks could not go. Any chance he and his white frats ever did not go because there brother wasn't allowed in?

Some people are uncomfortable facing things everybody knows.

And yes, I imagine doorways are often a problem for him.


Be careful, katman. Should your head get any bigger, you might have trouble walking through doorways.


Jo Adams, on further thought, I might have left you with the wrong impression of the bloggers. Some are like our enemies in Iraq & Afghanistan who hide in dark places and hurl grenades. Fortunately, most of the grenades are ‘duds’. When captured, they expect to be detained in luxurious surroundings, coddled not ‘tortured’, and they expect to have either Al Queda or Taliban witnesses to insure they receive a fair trial.

Perhaps an even better analogy of the moral turpitude of these bloggers is that they could be the offspring of those in Germany during WW II who turned their parents into the Gestapo. Each claims to have a knowledge of history which I imagine could be written in full on the head of a pin – hence, our expression for them is ‘pinhead’.


Glad you like us Brit. You should read these blogs from those 'Americans' who don't own a pair of rose-colored glasses. They find something to complain about every single day. Lack of patriotism, favoring anarchism, hating this & hating that -- you wouldn't believe the lengths they go to in criticizing every facet of our lives.

If they attended the same baseball game you described, they would complain of the high prices & the long lines. Complain & blame; blame & complain.

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