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June 22, 2008

Bush, floods

I was just wondering who Bush is bringing with him to explain to him what he’s supposed to be looking at on his trip to view the flooding on the Mississippi River.

Glenn Murphy
Cameron, Mo.



When Obama the Leader of the Evian crashes the economy with his tax and give away plans the Evian will assure us that it is all due to Bush.


Well, gosh Glenn, haven't you seen all those Iowans looting the Wal-marts? Haven't you seen them shooting at rescue Copters? Haven't you seen them being moved in mass to high ground in Fargo?

Haven't you seen pictures of all the flooded school buses in parking lots in Des Moines?

Haven't you seen all the dead bodies in flooded nursing homes and hospital?

You haven"t? Dammit, us people in the Midwest can't even handle a flood right.....


Glenn, didn't he invite you? Another Bush basher -- blame it all on Bush. You have 5-6 months and then you'll be looking for someone else to blame.

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