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June 16, 2008

Charity runs hinder traffic

Well, summer is here again. Once again on a recent Saturday, I left for work from my home in South Hyde Park only to find that I was effectively barricaded in my own neighborhood because there was some run down Gillham Road.

Every direction I tried to go to get around this, I was directed by security back toward my own home. I was trying to get to the QuikTrip on Main to put gas in my almost-empty vehicle before heading back to 71 Highway for work. Long story short: I ended up being 45 minutes late.

To the city permits department and the organizers of these events: Please consider the impact you are having on the citizens of midtown before you do this again.

If organizations wish to put together these events, Westport High School has a running track behind its building. Mill Creek Park has a wonderful jogging track. Have your events there and leave the streets of Kansas City open to those who need to use them.

Not all of us have weekends free, nor can we wait for your event to end before we go about our business.

Todd Ruser
Kansas City



too bad they do it on Saturday mornings here Katman, and they do not provide alternative routes. I literally was stuck within a cordoned off area. FOR NO REASON!

BTW, during the NY marathon, they will let traffic through when there are no runners with a certain distance, that was not the case here.


To those who must drive to work on Sunday during road racing months, closely watch the calendar & make the necessary adjustments in your route.

I have run the NY Marathon with 30,000 runners through the five boroughs of NYC. Imagine what the cars & taxis must put up with there. They even close down the bridges for the runners.

Your complaints fall on deaf ears here.


Didn't George Carlin do a bit about guys named "Todd, Chad and Cody"?


I find these races a pain like everyone else, but they don't damage me in any way. Having to be diverted a mile or so because of a charity event isn't so bad.

These same whiney bastards will stand in line for an hour on Friday night to eat a $50 meal for two at applebees.


Well Kat, if they would not of had the intersections closed down for close to 90 minutes. The letter writer was made late to work, as were a few folks in my building, service and delivery vehicles were having a tough time getting around and there was absolutelty no point in blocking intersections when the runners were still two miles away.

heaven forbid that some "fat backsided" jerk was trying to get to work, we should all have called in and participated in the run perhaps.


I'll wager that if we printed letters criticizing runners, races, & cyclists from the past three decades, it would fill a newspaper larger than the KC Sunday Times.

To those of you with your big fat backsides who spent an inordinate time in your automobiles, be a little patient and endure runners & cyclists and the charities for which they perform.


These races/runs/walks or whatever are great. However, they do make a huge mess of traffic in Midtown, and most likely elsewhere. Why they block traffic nearly a mile from where the runners are located boggels my mind. I was blocked at 42nd and Gillham, but the lead runners were at 31st and Main, this makes no sense.

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