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June 28, 2008

KC School District budget

Arthur Benson II labeled The Kansas City School District’s $449,000,000 budget a “placeholder” (6/26, Local, “Teachers call for more talks; KC School District contract talks must go on despite threatened deadline, they say”).

Let’s examine that $449,000,000 budget. It breaks down to about $19,000 per student, $112 per school day or $18.70 per school hour — much money spent for little return.

I would change Benson’s description of “placeholder” budget to “screw the taxpayer again” budget.

Perhaps we should send the students to Pembroke Hill and save the taxpayers $4,000 per student.

George J. McLiney Jr.
Kansas City



Great analysis George. What's shocking is when you compare the spending of the KC school district with that of an accredited district that consistently receives top honors like Blue Valley. KC spends as much or more per student than those districts. It's not about the money.

T. Hanson

Ok NE, we all get it you feel like you are getting abused. Boo hoo... hire a better lawyer next time.


The school district is the least of our worries. The 3rd Reich is at the healm in Jeff City.



George, I know you & you are a bright fellow. We can never deal with the high cost of public education (KCMO) until we understand that it's not the money. It is how the money is allocated. We need a superintendent who can 'think outside the box' and we need a school board -- yes, we need a SCHOOL BOARD.

Unfortunately, I won't see improvement in my lifetime. It's possible we'll be spending billions on Light Rail & Global Warming before our kids our given a decent education. For starters, we need to include the entire family in the education process.


What's more is that many in the urban core barely pay their faire share of levies.
For $449,000,000 we could add another big screen plasma at both stadiums.

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