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June 30, 2008

Lack of drinking water at KCI

I share Diana Lambdin Meyer’s concern regarding the lack of water fountains in secured areas of KCI noted in “The Watchdog” (6/25, Local, “Parched KCI passengers go thirsty”). Joe McBride, representing the Kansas City Aviation Department, did not solve the problem with his cavalier comment that bottled water is available. Many of us do not wish to purchase oversized bottles of water. And what about travelers who might need a quick drink of water to prevent choking?

I appreciate the expense that installing water fountains might entail after the airport’s renovation, but why not choose an acceptable, less expensive answer? The Aviation Department could install water coolers and small cups for the secure areas of the airport.

This may not be a perfect answer, but it is far better than McBride’s response.

Jan Duncan-O’Neal
Overland Park



We need a government run and mandated, financially paid for by working fathers universal drinking insurance. That would fix the problem. Just tack it on my tab along with all the other free handouts for the sloth.


I've never had a problem finding a a water fountain there. There is one outside of every bathroom. And with virtually non existent security lines, there is no reason to hit the security line more than 30 minutes before your flight.

Here is a great suggestion. Never go through securty until you see your plane at the gate. A very easy thing to check at KCI. If you're plane is not there, you know it will be a while so rehydrate to your hearts content!


I would like to see the statistics on the number of travelers who have been injured or killed at KCI because they were choking and unable to find a drinking fountain. I would expect that the number is EXTREMELY low.

If you want more free water, just say so. Painting the issue as one of "public safety" is ridiculous.


Or they could just put a gas pump instead, gas is cheaper than bottled water.


the worst is if your flight out of kci is after 8pmish, where the stands inside the security checkpoints are always closed at that point. A water fountain inside the security would be rather nice so we could fill our own water up

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