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June 12, 2008

More to do than watch TV

Mike Morris (6/11, Letters) complained about the local TV stations’ excessive coverage of the June 3 fuel-tank fire.

He could have left the TV off the entire night and read a good book, visited with his significant other, played with his children or grandchildren, worked on a hobby, driven to a nearby mall and become a mall-walker, written a letter to an out-of-town relative or started or completed a home-improvement project.

Experts say that withdrawal symptoms among families forced by circumstance to cease TV watching indicate there may be an addiction problem.

Perhaps the term “boob tube” isn’t so funny after all.

Mary Mylar Arends
Kansas City



T hanson....the smart money is on Jen and Petrozza in the finale. Corey and Christina in a knife fight next week.


I am truly overloaded with commercials on TV. Friends say to use the pause button. I think I'm getting carpal tunnel syndrom from using the button.

It is truly obscene especially at the 30 minute mark. I make a conscious effort to boycott the advertisers on TV. There is one I really like -- the infomercial guy. He could sell blankets to the Navajo Indians. (not intended to belittle the Navajo Indians). And, I really detest babies who talk like adults in ads.

T. Hanson

Yea, but I needed to see who got kicked off "Hell's Kitchen".

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