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June 26, 2008

Nelson-Atkins expansion

My wife, three young children and I live in Rockhill, across a small street from the Rockhill Tennis Club. Daily, we play outside watching people come and go carrying rackets or ushering children dressed for the pool. The club fits in the neighborhood, as it has for 50 years.

The Nelson plans to reach over the 40-foot retaining wall at the Bloch Building and across four lanes of traffic on Rockhill Road into our single-family residential neighborhood to convert the home William Rockhill Nelson built for his daughter into private office space. Adding a sculpture garden to comply with existing codes would only draw more car and foot traffic into the neighborhood. This type of encroachment does not fit in a residential neighborhood.

The Nelson has represented that it will not renew the club’s lease under any circumstance and will leave the home vacant if necessary. It seems spiteful, but it is their right. They own the property and cannot be told what they must do with it, but this ordinance is needed to place limits on what they can do.

William Rockhill Nelson built this family neighborhood. His legacy should not be chipping away at it.

Michael Lawhead
Kansas City



They are not putting in a dollar store, they're converting the existing buildings to office space. If the letter writer gets all warm and fuzzy waatching the elite come in and out of the gate and feels to not have that experience lessens his existence he needs to get a real life.

I reacll Ted Turner during the uproar over him colorizing films. He said "Last I checked those films were mine".


One question comes to mind for the letter writer.

Did you buy your home before the construction of the museum, or have you moved in since that time? If the answer is the latter, then you purchased your home with the full knowledge of who your neighbor was. In fact, who your neighbor was has most likely had a very positive effect on your property values. Additionally, a little research on your part would have enlightened you as to what the zoning of the tennis club allowed for use, and most likely since I imagine you are a more recent buyer since you have "three young children", you would have discovered who the actual owner of the tennis club was.

NIMBY syndrome at it's finest. We don't own your property, and what you plan do do with your property is well within your rights and KCMO ordinances, but I still don't like it, and as such, you shouldn't be allowed to do it.

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