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June 15, 2008

Old style in New Longview

Kevin Collison clearly recognizes the benefit of traditional neighborhood design. So why does he suggest that New Longview is somehow not “authentic” because it’s new construction? (6/10, Business, “New homes in old style are quite an attraction”)

It’s true our architecture and urban design are reminiscent of J.C. Nichols’ glorious neighborhoods of old (front porches, sidewalks, tree-lined streets), but our homes have modern features such as spacious closets and open floor plans. We walk to Longview Farm Elementary and to shops and restaurants.

In other words, New Longview homes are functional, affordable and have the “look” — meeting all three of architect Marianne Cusato’s essentials of good design.

Besides all that, New Longview is a part of the award-winning, multimillion-dollar restoration of the last remaining historic structures of the R.A. Long country estate, Longview Farm. We’re not a “knockoff.” We’re an authentic Lee’s Summit neighborhood of great homes, great schools, stores, offices, parks, wonderful neighbors and a great sense of community.

Kathleen Ehrenreich
New Longview homeowner and CFO, Gale Communities
Lee’s Summit



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