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June 05, 2008

Protect students from bullies

Recently my cousin got in trouble for saying something inappropriate to some of his classmates, who were teasing him. Although I realize he shouldn’t have said what he said, I want to know why he was the only one who got punished, when he was just trying to defend himself.

Shouldn’t the bullies have been reprimanded? Where was the teacher when all of this teasing was going on, and why didn’t he or she do anything about it? Isn’t it the job of the teacher to maintain order and discipline in the classroom?

Schools need to create better discipline programs so that students are safe, because a child should not have to feel threatened while attending school.

Julia Morrow
Grain Valley



Hanson I agree and the same should go for government and their often extortive and illegal actions against citizens.

T. Hanson

Honestly if my kid was the bully I would tell him to cut it out. Not for the other kid's sake, but for his (or hers). That other kid could be the next one that shots up a school for being picked on too much.


Solly, we must TCB when it is necessary.
When left no option there is only one solution and it's not dialgoue.



"Walk away if possible, if not, kill the bully."

I love it.


Bullies ttypically do not get disciplined, especially if their parents are connected or the bullies are one of the premier athletes and/or popular kids. The most important component to our society are the so ever charished athletes. Let them do as they please so we have entertainment. If that were my son or nephew, I would tell them to simply walk away unless the bully got physical. The rule is walk away but once someone takes a physical posture and appears or attemptsa to do bodily harm. It's on! Stick your thumb in their eye until you feel the back of the socket, ridge to the throat, once they are down elbow them until they are out and then throw a couple more for good measure. You wil get no more bullies chastizing you after that.


You actually wrote a letter to the editor to complain about the way your cousin was disciplined in school? What's next, the "someone cut ahead of me in line" letter, or how about the "I didn't get invited to my friends party" letter.

Not worth the effort to write this response. Now I feel bad about myself. Aww..

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