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June 11, 2008

She must be on funnel cloud nine

I have been racking my brain trying to imagine the exhilaration, the exuberance, the unholy tingling sensation, the thrill and level of personal excitement that Katie Horner must feel when the possibility of devastating weather exists anywhere near Kansas City.

About the best I can do is what a dog must feel like when turned loose inside Fritz’s Meat Market. Oh, the joy!

Don Cameron
Overland Park



Thank God for the "unholy tingly sensation"!


I'd have to agree with Dan here. Lezak and Busby also cut in and make the same reports whenever Katie is on.

Hows the weather in DeSoto today?

Dan Beyer

I wonder what this woman did that the Star now has to attack her constantly?
What's next Zieman, death threats?

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