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June 06, 2008

Take storms seriously

Tuesday night, the weather was crazy. The sirens went off, the lightning caused a fuel-storage tank fire, there was hail the size of golf balls, rain flooded parking lots, and the sky turned pitch black about 8:15. There was a guy standing under a convenience store overhang, was taping the storm.

There were even a few wrecks, such as the one on 470 near Colbern Road.

People, please take this kind of weather seriously. The guy driving in front of us was speeding and almost hit a car that had stalled. He swerved around the stalled car and almost hit the couple that was standing in the grass median.

Zach Kurth
Lee’s Summit



Every time we get severe weather on the weekends, people start wondering WHERE's LOCAL RADIO, why no coverage? It's because they're automated at those inconvenient times.

Some of us think that's not in the public interest. Here's the discussion from the Kansas City Radio blog room dated July 12th. It's time we get this out of the MEDIA discussion onward to public attention.

Why? Because when we get a serious storm and radio didn't warn people, there will be hell to pay. Or do we need to wait until the bodycount?



Speed limits are not negotiable. Choosing to speed makes one a liberal in my book.


BAD GUY, there you go being a good guy again -- and it's not even Sunday. I have observed that most people don't know when to come in out of the rain.

Admittedly, I am an aggressive driver. I recognize other drivers think they are in bumper cars at Worlds of Fun. And, then there's that group of 'nincompoops' whose bumper stckers read Kerry-Edwards or even Mondale-Ferraro. They are prone to make wrong decisions at any given moment.


People have absolutely no regard for traffic laws. They think they are entitled to non-compliance. They need to start implementing more severe punishment for speeding and blatant disregard for traffic laws. People do not realize the weather is a factor nor do they care. What you can do a safety concerned citizen is write down their lic# and call the cops from your cell phone.

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