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June 18, 2008

Transfer of KC Schools

In your recent editorial calling for an expedited ruling on the Kansas City/Independence school property issue, you stated, “the Kansas City district deserves to be fairly compensated.”

My response: Why?

For 50-plus years, the Kansas City School District demonstrated contempt for its eastern taxpayers, channeling precious little of the taxes paid by them back into the eastern schools. Five of the schools were originally given to the district; not one was maintained. Such willful neglect, in part, created last November’s mandate.

Kansas City continues to waste tax dollars in its error-filled attempt to squash the people’s will, while arrogantly using its defeat at the polls as a money-grubbing opportunity — at no time mentioning serving kids, families, or neighborhoods in its arguments.

For this, you think they deserve compensation?

Jay Fisher



PKF - It is a fact, you can take kid out of the ghetto but not the ghetto out of the kid. Throwing money at a cultural and pernting issue is not going to fix the school system. Go sell you Village Idiot mentality somewhere else.
For the good of the kids my butt, that's much of the problem treating these kids like they are entitled to more than 3 hots and a cot.


Jay, the misinformation in your letter is appalling. The KC district could never do ENOUGH to satisfy the people of western Independence. Those people have for years acted as if THEIR kids were entitled to more and better than the kids in the rest of the district. During the planning phase for the magnet schools, they wanted the best magnets and some even proposed boundaries which would have excluded minority kids from crossing 435 into Independence.

Those schools were well maintained. Several are air conditioned (unlike the rest of the schools in KC) and more money was poured into those buildings to make them magnet schools than any other schools in the district. Korte is one of the nicest elementary buildings in the entire metro area.

The Independence schools also outperformed the schools in the rest of the district and Nowlin Middle's test scores are better than the middle schools in the Independence district.

So how is that demonstrating "contempt"??

You and the other critics in Independence continue to fail to see how your campaign to take these schools back does great harm to the rest of the kids in the KC district. But, as usual, you don't take their best interests into consideration. After all, they live on the wrong side of 435 and aren't your problem.


I'm just glad that, asside from the federal money, I'm not paying for the incomptetance of the KC scools district.


Government is "owened by taxpayers to but they seem to operate maverick and without accountability. Courts, do we not pay their slaries and for their operations? Same deal.


A great letter by Mr. Fisher. I completely agree. The schools are owned by the taxpayers. Which district "manages" the schools has no bearing on their ownership.


This sounds like more areas of government than just the KC school district. Look at DCSE, same deal. It is called extortiona dn larceny. Notice how Obama never brings these types of facts into his fancy teleprompted speeches.


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