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June 24, 2008

Trouble in Zimbabwe

I am troubled by the events in Zimbabwe (6/23, A-6, “Mugabe’s rival bows out; The opposition leader cites a desire to halt bloodshed as a reason for decision”). Robert Mugabe has been an undemocratic leader for most of his 28 years in power, though the U.S. has not assailed him until recently. What Americans fail to realize is that the “corporatocracy” promulgated by Washington is instigating the very same human rights abuses as in Zimbabwe around the world.

I urge people to learn from unbiased, independent organizations what the aim is of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the U.S.-based National Endowment for Democracy and other agencies that purportedly do one thing but actually spread hegemony and unsustainable empire.

We must stand for justice, not mob-like criminality. The one thing the mafia had that the U.S. does not possess is efficiency. Thank God our Founding Fathers and subsequent leaders were smart enough to build in bureaucracy.

David Davis
Overland Park



Good evening Engineer,

I thought he was tooling around that concept, but as you were I was puzzled by the many references.

I think the Star has just been waiting for a Mugabe letter and this was the nearest anyone rendered.


His point, or one of them, has been floating around in Far Left and Conservationist literature for some time. The basic thought is that by building infrastructure projects in the third world, based on loans they are then hard pressed to pay back, we are extending economic hegemony over those third world countries. The solution, either implied or presented, is that all such loans should be forgiven.
Of course Mr. Davis' presentation is somewhat muddled as this has nothing to do with Zimbabwe.


His point is that many believe it is our job to police the world on our own dime.
What we need to do is police our own government and start making corrupt government employees and elected/appointed officials pay for their dishonesty and theft with their lives.


Double D was all over the place with this letter. Africa, corporate America, the world bank, our Founding Fathers and the Mafia.

What exactly was his point?


Mr. Davis what US natnional interest is at stake in Zimbabwe?


And to think MR Obama sponsored the Global Poverty Trust bill that would be managed by the U.N.

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