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June 01, 2008

Vexed by too much ‘Sex’

I’ve had it up to here with sex … but not lately.

Yuk, yuk. But seriously, folks, it’s no laughing matter. As a society, we’re way past that slippery slope. We’re tumbling headlong into the abyss of amorality.

The latest affront is all the attention being given to “Sex and the City.” I realize that the television show from whence it sprang was a monster hit, but that doesn’t absolve the producers, writers and actors from sending a disturbingly wrong message on sexuality. It only highlights their desire to cash in on the prurient interests of the ignorant masses.

I guess I don’t understand all the hoopla about four youthful, successful and rich women flagrantly discussing their bedroom antics amongst themselves.

I’m no prude. I’ve had my share of “antics,” some very stupid, wrong and hurtful. But I don’t lay it all out for the world to drool over. Why do we feel so compelled to listen, watch and now read about a tasteless torrent of time-wasting titillation?

Further, I admit I’ve never seen the show. The title alone is enough to turn me off.

Timothy Earl Osburn


Stifled Freedom

However, I agree that kids who see this dont know that. We sell ourselves as sexually free, but we actually are not. The entertainment media has shaped are culture into something it is not.

Stifled Freedom

Mr Osborn, you are not seeing the whole picture. What you see is mostly media hype appealing to the sexually deprived masses to sell movie tickets.

Actually, we are relatively conservative on the actual act of sex compared to the 1960s and 70s when we really had free sex. Free sex is long gone. The one-night stands of the 1970s and 1980s are nonexistent today. Most people are too scared or too obese to function sexually.

The Sex in the City is mostly about the self absorbed lives of three narcisistic women more than it is about sex. The sex part of the name is just to draw attention to it so poeple can live vicariously through someone else's life....which is only fictional itself in this case.

Movies today must make thier money in the first week on one time ticket buyers. After that everyone figures out the movie is a dud and no one goes. The movie then goes into obscurity as something that will never come close to being a classic piece of work.

Sex doesn't exist in the bedroom in America. It certainly does not exist commericially in brothels or strip clubs with the modern politically correct war on sex. It only exists in media hype and in your imagination.

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