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June 11, 2008

WWI Museum a KC treasure

One recent Saturday morning my son and I toured Kansas City’s National World War 1 Museum at Liberty Memorial. The grounds were spotless and well-manicured. Parking was more than adequate. As visitors approach they walk the path of honor, and as they enter the museum they walk across a large glass floor covering a field of poppies.

The tour begins with a movie explaining how and why the war started. The movie comprises actual footage from the time. There are well-informed and courteous guides, or you can wander on your own.

There is an enormous number of high quality items maintained in first-class exhibits. There are large guns, planes, a torpedo and a tank, machine guns, a field hospital, trenches so the visitor can have an actual experience, rifles, pistols, medals and many personal stories and newspapers of the day. There is a second movie and a gift shop.

We were surprised by the large number of visitors on a Saturday morning. It’s just a superb museum and a first-rate educational experience.

Clark Redick
Mission Hills



And you are a "part-time school teacher"?

For shame!


Coincidenally, on Saturday while Clark Redick was touring WW I museum, I was showing highlights of KC to a friend from Chicago over a 3-day period. WW I memorial was on our list but we deferred to another time.

A highlight of our tour was the Steamship Arabia. In all my years, I had never seen it. KC is full of 'best-kept secrets' & Steamship Arabia is one of them. WW I Memorial tops my list in the weeks to come.

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