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July 30, 2008

America’s credit-card addiction

I was amazed at what happened within the last month at two eating places. First was a fast food place, and the credit card machine was down. A note on the machine said “cash only.” Because I was not using a credit card, I got my food and sat down and observed. It was unbelievable how many people came in with children and then turned and had to leave with crying kids.

Then another day I pulled up to an eating place and noticed no cars out front. On the door was a sign saying “no credit cards today, machine down.” I, paying cash, went in and had lunch. All the time I was there, only two other people came in.

Recently I was telling a young couple that in my back years, there were no credit cards. You either had cash or no merchandise. Their question was “What did you do?” Well, you stayed home and looked around the kitchen and fixed what was there. Peanut butter was always on the shelf.

What would happen if, for one week, all businesses refused credit cards? What would the American people do?

Nadine Cavanaugh



Two words for you Nadine, "Debit Card". Even though I'm sure you're terrified you'll press the wrong button and completely wipe out your account, many of us find them safer and more convenient than carrying cash.

Think of it like your first "non-operator-assisted" phone. It may seem scary at first, but once you get used to it, you'll probably like it.

Pub 17

What Nadine misses is that back in the day you paid with cash and then, if you were terribly, terribly responsible, you ended up with a huge pile of receipts to do your accounts. People who charge everything have records of everything.

You're welcome.

T. Hanson

And the other question, "Why do you care?"


Nadine, I'll bet a large number of people you see using credit cards are actually using debit cards. Not everyone wants to carry around a lot of cash.

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