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July 10, 2008

Bring on the traffic cameras

I’ve gotten used to the fact that when a traffic signal turns green, I have to wait on all the cars running the red light before I proceed. I’ve gotten used to people running stop signs, too.

But I was shocked and dismayed when I was at 103rd and Nall on June 30 and watched car after car turn left in front of a police car with its lights and siren on. The police car had to wait because at least six people thought wherever they were going was more important than the emergency the police officer was responding to.

Bring on those traffic cameras. If you’re worried you might get a ticket because of them, then slow down and obey traffic laws.

And don’t lend your car to someone who might break those laws, because you’ll be the one paying the ticket.

Kitty Needham



I think the govt should monitor peoples personal finances to ensure the entitlement children get what they demand. Who cares about traffic and public safety. We should be more concerned with the Village Chitlins.


Careful what you ask for Ms. Needham -- Big brother is watching and rubbing his hands! -- The following is an excerpt of a previous post but related to the subject.

After pay raises approved by the previous council just took effect the Missouri KC council members decided that a Red Light Camera contract should get preliminary approval ---- “We are ready to roll on this,” said Cathy Jolly chairwoman of the public safety and neighborhoods committee!
Why was I not surprised to see her enthusiasm after the probable loss of KC revenue and ensuing cost of enforcing her anti-smoking ban? With questionable merit her “George Orwell” response will be “these cameras will save lives” but the bottom line tells the story. --- No up-front cost to the city, but the installer gets paid back $4,500 Dollars PER MONTH per camera for an initial installation of 12 cameras.
Twelve cameras? It was reported the council recently spent some $2.1 million to renovate their offices. --- Those “updates” included fifteen 32-inch television sets! --- Believe this, there will be more than twelve “CITY COUNCIL STOP LIGHT” cameras in Kansas City!
Does the Merriam city council need new TV’s Ms. Needhem? --- Big Brother will be pleased to oblige!


Its interesting I heard yesterday that someplace had put in the red light cameras and they worked so well soon fewer tickets were being generated and revenues suffered. Guess what they took them out and went back to writing tickets. I love this country!


It is naive to think that cities are installing traffic cameras because of public safety issues. They are seen as income generators, plain and simple. In many municipalities where they have been installed, the private companies who operate them (ususally with about 60% of the proceeds going to them) have successfully lobbied the authorities to shorten the "yellow time" in order to increase revenues.

Want to fight that ticket because you weren't driving? Even if you can prove it wasn't you (out of town, in hospital, etc.), you will forced to pay unless you are willing to "give up" the name of the driver. In effect, your acquittal of a crime you didn't commit is contingent upon you acting as an agent of the government.

My biggest question is "Where does it end?". Do we install cameras on every corner to catch people jaywalking? How about in every public place to make sure the "sheep" are staying in line?


People can be as non-compliant as they choose when it comes to speeding and wreckless driving, so many think these laws are petty and not a big deal. I am for the cameras and stiffer punishment for violators.

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