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July 18, 2008

Campaign contribution limits

Gov. Matt Blunt acted in the best interest of democracy when he signed a law repealing Missouri’s campaign contribution limits (7/12, Local). Voters and candidates will be able to exercise their First Amendment rights more effectively as a result.

Challenger candidates will be able to raise funds more effectively, allowing them to compete with the name recognition, media access and existing donor base that incumbents already have. Better-funded challengers will be able to campaign more effectively and create a more informed public.

By limiting contributions, Missouri was limiting political speech. Missourians should be thrilled that Gov. Blunt has repealed these restrictions and allowed political speech to flourish.

Sarah Duzyk
Communications associate, Center for Competitive Politics
Alexandria, Va.



Republicans: "putting the money back in politics where it belongs!!".

What good is wealth if you can't invest a little of it on advertising to promote politicians who will cut your taxes? Why do the Dems hate America?!!


NO limits on campaign contributions, but full disclosure.


Gov Blunt should be hung for allowing the rampant fraud being committed by Social Services and DCSE.



There is no such thing as campaign donoation limits. First I give any amount I please to the "Leadership PAC" run by the candidate. Then I can give unlimited funds to the National or State Committee of whichever party the candidate belongs to. Then I can give unlimited funds to the 527(?) group of my choice, who will support my chosen candidate. Then remember that the McCain-Feingold Bill specifically makes the unpaid use of a spouse's corporate jet not count as a donation.

There are no limits.

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