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July 09, 2008

Cheers for Royals broadcasters

My husband and I watch every Royals game — and Chiefs game, for that matter — that we can.

Our favorite broadcasters are Paul Splittorff and Ryan Lefebvre. They are knowledgeable, interesting and have a great sense of humor that we enjoy.

We hope the front office will pay no mind to David Henning (7/4, Letters, “Royals need pro announcers”). He should put his efforts at getting rid of the Kansas City Chiefs general manager.

Judith Bruder
Blue Springs



I personally like the Royals announcers. If you ever tried listening to the Dodgers play by play announcer, who speaks completely monotone throughout the entire game and puts me to sleep faster than my high school biology teacher used to, you would learn to enjoy the Royals announcers too.


Split & Lefebvre have a tough job. That is making creamed chipped beef on toast (what is that other name for it?) sounds as interesting as filet mignon.

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