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July 24, 2008

Comparing Obama to Carter

Andrew Reiz wrote a great opinion (7/14, Letters) about how young people should be aware that Barack Obama is repeating Jimmy Carter’s presidential run in 1976 by promising to work for change to create a better future.

Reiz stated that youths today have no idea that “Carter also promised to solve all our problems” but “froze in his ivory Oval Office.” He is so right. We should ignore his inauguration speech, when Carter assured that “our great nation has its recognized limits, and that we can neither answer all questions nor solve all problems.”

And Carter accomplished nothing during his term. Forget that he froze the accounts of the Iranian government and then ordered rescue attempts of the hostages at the American Embassy. He should have bombed “Tehran into talcum powder” as Reiz stated. This would have obviously solved every problem in the Middle East and put fear and submission into the “Muslim world.” They wouldn’t have questioned our will or power ever again.

So we shouldn’t try for change. No, obviously things have been going great for America recently, so why listen to Obama promise a forward motion to a different future? That’s crazy talk.

Tim McManus
Kansas City

Like most war enthusiasts, Andrew Reiz deals with the consequences of war by ignoring them. Had President Carter bombed “Teheran into talcum powder,” he would have also vaporized all the American prisoners.

So what kind of respect does Mr. Reiz have for his fellow countrymen and those serving his nation?

Richard Asmus
Lee’s Summit



There is a great difference between saying "it can't be done" and saying 'a practicable way to do it has not as yet been found". It is difficult for some people to grasp this concept.


jack (leg) "Jimma" wasn't a backlash, he was frigging disaster.


Carter was the backlash against Watergate and the "Imperial Presidency". Obama appears to be the backlash against the fear and smear, arrogance of the "can't do" conservatives.

So what else is new?

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