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July 24, 2008

Drilling for oil in ANWR

The extreme environmentalists quoted in The Star (7/20, A-1, “Thirst for oil turns sanctuary into battleground”) in opposition to drilling in the Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge have forgotten the arguments made years ago against the Alaska oil pipeline. The assertions that drilling would damage the caribou herd and interfere with their breeding and reproduction have proved to be false. If George Bush had made the same mistake, it would be called a “lie.”

Now the argument is not that the wildlife will be disturbed by human activity, but that it will become too familiar with us. For that reason, ANWR must remain as is for its “wildness” to be enjoyed by precious few humans.

Meanwhile, poor working stiffs must pay $4 per gallon for gas so that we don’t risk having the shorebirds become too friendly with humans.

Jim O’Connell

With all this talk about gasoline prices and alternative energy sources, there is one thing I know for sure: I cannot put a wind turbine, photovoltaic cell, natural gas or nuclear reactor in my automobile’s gas tank. I need gasoline, and at a reasonable price.

Yes, we must drill our way out of our current situation.

Tom Nelson

There is a long and a short answer to those who think that drilling in ANWR and the eastern Gulf of Mexico will fix our oil problems.

The long answer involves explaining how little oil there is in these areas, how long it will take to develop and how little it will affect the world’s supply and cost. It would take a lot of ink to explain all these shortcomings.

The short answer: T. Boone Pickens.

K.A. Newman
Prairie Village



jack - I highly recommend you study up on renewables, the science, the math, etc.
Apparently you do not keep in touch with the level of implementation we have been and are doing in the renewable sector.
You also fail to realize it is IMPOSSIBLE to be 100% fossil free, unless you are willing to give up plastics, rubber, and a plethora of other consumer goods.
Are you willing to pay the cost associated with renewables? I doubt it. Solar for example costs about 5 times as much per KWH, hence the complaining entitlement thinkers like yourself would scream "wind fall profits" when you get you $500 light bill. Maybe we could structure ourselves like Europe where the majority of the highest prices on energy are from taxation. That would make all the Obamamaniacs happy.


The short answer is NOT T. Boone Pickens. But it's ONE of the answers. This country runs on oil, like it or not. Generate all the electricity we can with wind and solar, but don't tell me it will replace the gas in my car until we develop the perfect battery for an electric car.


With all due respect to T-Bone, er, ah, Boone...are you going to replace all our gasoline engines with engines running on natural gas? Does that include all airplanes (civilian and military), all other assorted engines, i.e. outboard motors,lawn mowers, tractors, combines, generators, snow blowers, etc. etc. as well as all our cars and trucks?

And you are going to accomplish this in 10 years T-Bone, er, ah, Boone?? Excuse me pal, but I am from Missouri..........


"We can not drill our way out of this."
--T. Boone Pickens

That being said, let's drill away. It won't help now, accept for with the mental cases who believe in instant effect, but we are going to need what is there. And maybe it will help slow the increases in oil prices we will be facing when these areas come online.

At the same time, let's start a crash program to get us away from dependency on fossil fuels. We went from captured V-2s to the moon in essentially ten years. We went from theory to the atom bomb in three. Anyone who believes we are incapable of solving the problems associated with developping alternatives has ceased to believe in the vitality of America.

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