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July 06, 2008

Human rights abuses in Zimbabwe

When reading about the situation in Zimbabwe, we realize the importance of continuing to exert an enormous amount of pressure on shameful President Robert Mugabe. Why are so many people obsessed with this situation in Zimbabwe? The fact is there are many people worldwide who believe in the sanctity of God-given human life and that, as human beings, we are all responsible to see that all people have the right to a life where basic human rights are upheld.

If an election is held anywhere in the world, citizens care about how other fellow human beings are treated. This is the same reason that people continue to speak about places such as the Darfur region of the Sudan. It is inexcusable that people can justify violence and intimidation against someone because their message differs from someone else’s.

May God give the international community the courage and wisdom to continue to insist upon basic human rights for all people.

Deborah Solomon



What the heck does the problems in Zimbabwe have to do with Missouri taxes?

The one trick pony is at it again.


Not in Missouri, we have blatant fraud and abuse being dished out in Jefferson City. Thousands if lives being ruined simply to afford politicians and government bonuses and power. Nothing better than a government committing fraud and utilizing extortion tactics. While we can feel for the people of other nations, we have our own problems and obligations to AMERICANS.


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