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July 27, 2008

Hyatt victims memorial

Letter writer Peggy Olson (7/20), who lost her father and sister in the Hyatt skywalk collapse, seeks a memorial for the victims. I also knew several people who were victims of that awful accident at the Hyatt. It was tragic and sad.

However, the victims were there for their own enjoyment. They were not there because they were called to aid and rescue others. How can you even begin to compare the Firefighters Memorial to one for the Hyatt victims?

Sherri Robinson
Excelsior Springs

As a witness to the 1981 Hyatt skywalk disaster, I feel a memorial is important to the city and everyone touched by the tragedy.

Possibly like others, I thought this event could be erased from my memory by just forgetting that night. But this tragedy is part of our city’s history and a part of so many affected by it: those who lost their lives or were injured and their families and friends, those who witnessed the tragedy, and those who responded to the tragedy to assist, including the long lines of people who waited to donate blood.

About five years ago, our son came home from school saying he had learned about the skywalk disaster that day in his fifth-grade social studies class. That gave me an opportunity to tell to him I was at the Hyatt that night and to discuss the tragedy.

I welcome a memorial. I have made a donation at www.skywalkmemorial.org and hope to assist in any way possible to make this memorial a reality.

Marilyn Luther
Prairie Village

A foundation wants to develop a memorial in memory of the victims of the 1981 Hyatt skywalk collapse. I think it must be made clear whether they will also have an adequately funded permanent endowment to provide for its upkeep in perpetuity.

The Liberty Memorial is now a burden on the taxpayers of this city. Union Station also is inadequately funded. Union Cemetery was foisted upon the city due to inadequate funding for perpetual maintenance. How many other memorials, with or without fountains, do we have to provide for?

The skywalk collapse was very tragic. I lost two friends. I will never forget that day, but I don’t want my grandchildren and possibly their grandchildren to be responsible to pay for all of the memorials around Kansas City.

Judy Jackson
Kansas City



Boy, that Judy is some tough cookie. I've never heard or read anybody take a shot at the Liberty Memorial.

Well, maybe Clint Hurdle.....

T. Hanson

While I understand what you are saying, FF, EMTs, Police are not forced to join that line of profession (even though I am glad they did choose it). Last time I checked here in the US all professions are voluntary including the Armed services.

Memorials I think should be maintained by the organization that supported them to be put up. Now they should be able to apply for grants but I don't think the tax payer by default should be made to support memorials in general.

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