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July 23, 2008

Idling observations

Last week, I picked up my grandson and his friends after sports camp at Indian Hills Middle School. I arrived a little after dismissal time, and all the spaces in the large circle drive were taken.

I parked by the street and walked to the school to sit on a bench by the door. As I waited about 15 minutes I observed all the cars, mostly SUVs, with the drivers sitting inside with, the motors idling and the air conditioning on.

I was dismayed and shocked to see that to so many it makes no difference how much gas costs or how they are contributing to air pollution.

I guess they either don’t get it or don’t care.

Delia Tankard



Delia - The world thanks you for your great, unselfish sacrifice.

But, on the other hand, I can't believe your audacity for not owning a hybrid. Why did you drive at all? You couldn't walk or ride a bike to the school to pick up your grandson? What kind of example are you setting? I'm dismayed and shocked at your selfishness and blatant disregard for humanity.


Posted by: Marctnts | Jul 24, 2008 12:10:09 PM

By golly, this is AMERICA! Lock and load!

How dare you articulate an opinion with logic and fact?!?


"More than they don't care. They are bragging that they can afford to do this"

Really, you think that anyone who chooses to idle their vehicle for 15 minutes instead of sweating on a hot day is doing so to brag? On average, a vehicle that gets 15 miles per gallon would use less than 1/4 gallon to idle for 15 minutes. As such, it is costing the "idler" about $1 for their quarter-hour of comfort. Who honestly brags about being able to afford $1 for air conditioning?

There seems to be two options. We can either limit individual consumption through government intervention or trust that the rising cost of fuel will do this for us.

Choosing the former would be completely unworkable. Can you imagine mandatory thermostat settings in your home, maximum amounts of miles allowed to be driven per week, maximum allowable electric usage per home, among a hundred other things? My guess is that even Al Gore, with his 13X the national average electricty usage, wouldn't advocate such a thing.

Choosing the latter will continue to prove itself. Consumption has declined as prices have risen, without the need for the government to get involved.

The third option, I guess, would be to complain at every opportunity about those who can afford a buck to enjoy AC.


Listen Delia the next time you see this absolute horrible behavior, just walk over to those "Eveeel" SUVs, jerk open the doors of them, and then slap the ever loving snot out of their drivers! By golly that will show them, arrogant sobs anyway who the hell do they think they are anyway??


More than they don't care. They are bragging that they can afford to do this.

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