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July 08, 2008

KC-Independence school swap

The school dispute is another weird situation. As I recall, it was voted to turn the schools in Independence over to that city. Now we hear stories about the amount of money Independence must pay.

In a July 6 Star article is a sentence saying that a nonprofit building corporation owns the buildings (Local, “Districts fail to reach agreement; Independence and KC officials say their meeting is fruitful but issues still exist”). Who are they and how did they acquire ownership of all the Independence school buildings? Do they also own the Kansas City schools?

I thought the whole idea was in the best interest of the school children. Instead it’s another example of greed by a school board with a terrible reputation for many things.

Just give the kids a chance to acquire an education.

Abe Bucksner
Overland Park

What an interesting twist in the battle over schools leaving the Kansas City district. Since when have Kansas City district school buildings been owned by a private corporation and leased to the Kansas City school district?

All these years I have been under the impression that the taxpayers paid for the schools, thereby owning them. Why has this little secret about ownership just now come out? Our school board members may not do well at education, but they certainly never hesitate to add a bit of humor to a sad situation.

Gene Pike
Kansas City

I know Kansas City’s schools are separate from the Kansas City government, but can someone stop the total incompetence and lack of concern for the children that the Kansas City school system is demonstrating? This is a school system that cannot even get accredited or retain superintendents, but it can sure mess up kids’ education.

It had an arbitration ruling, which I guess it did not like, so let’s punish the children.

The city demonstrates its incompetence by missing yet another date for submitting a sewer plan to stop dumping raw sewage, but it still talks about a regional light rail plan. But it has done a fine job in subverting property rights to outlaw smoking.

Can someone tell me why I would trust this bunch of politicians with any money to do anything?

George Hunsucker



It would be interesting for someone to dig deeper into the building ownership for KC. To me it sounds like a way to shuffle money around and into certain pockets.

For example, I presume this corporation has a Board, as corporations are supposed to, and I presume these Board members are paid for their positions. It'd be interesting to see who the board members are, how they're selected and how much they are paid. KC Star...there you go. Now, for once, go do your job.

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