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July 23, 2008

McCain wrong on Afghanistan

Sen. John McCain does his level best to tout his experience and subsequent understanding and insight into foreign affairs. However, in 2003, while speaking in front of the Council on Foreign Relations, Sen. McCain said he was more concerned with Iraq and that we could “muddle through in Afghanistan” without a large number of forces. That foresight was poor, and his judgment was disturbing.

The result of “muddling through” Afghanistan is a serious and deadly resurgence of the Taliban. Al-Qaida is growing stronger, and its leadership is still at large, plotting against our troops and home soil. Now our commanders are faced with growing violence and the serious need for more troops from an already stressed military.

With such inaccurate foresight and judgment, I question whether we should consider “muddling through” four years with John McCain.

Ken Strange
Kansas City



If the President had asked the people to "sacrifice" just how would this have been done? And how would this have changed things in either Afghanistan or Iraq?


This is my current bumper sticker, it so deadly accurate.



This certainly sends the right message. I'm buying mine today!



Right lets put in Osama Yomama jack (leg) what a CIC he will make, remember he is going to take all our troops out of Iraq except for a "strike force" whatever the hell that is......


We turned what should have been a short camapign in Iraq into a mess lasting longer than WWII because the President didn't have the guts to ask the people to sacrifice. They all but totally ignored Afganistan so they wouldn't have to tell the people the truth.

Now, Iraq may be getting better but Afganistan is a mess. And McCaion i9s still saying we will get around to Afganistan sometime in the convenient future.

What the hell is wrong with him? Is he so bent on keeping happy "the base" that he has quit caring about facts?

I think the answer is clear.

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