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July 24, 2008

Motorcyclists must respect cars

Motorcyclists must respect cars, too. Recently I have had two separate occasions where motorcyclists have driven between — yes between — my car and another car in the next lane. This is on the highway with traffic going 60 miles an hour or higher.

The car drivers are definitely startled, and then they have to worry which lane the cyclist will jerk into. In Kansas it is even worse: no helmets.

These motorcyclists are their own worst enemy.

Rita Carpenter
Overland Park



Listen, we can always use more organ donors.....


When I bought my first motorcycle at age 18, my uncle (who owned the shop) gave me the following advice:

"Never fear your bike. But remember to always respect it. If you don't, the motorcycle will teach you respect."

I got my lesson in respect at the corner of E 14th and Army Post Road one wet road day in Des Moines. Thankfully, the only price was bumps and bruises and a beat up bike.

I hope the idiots on the freeway will get taught to respect their bikes in a non-lethal manor.


Please don't ever drive on the highway in LA. You will hit a motorcycle (as what you are describing happens usually 2-3 times per trip on the highway per person out here..we are just used to it), except it will be considered your fault. Weird how that works, but since it is legal to ride motorcycles like that out here, that's the law

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