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July 29, 2008

No justice for victims’ families

Frank Smist’s letter (7/28) asking where’s the justice for the families of murder victims Kelsey Smith and Ann Harrison was right on the mark. Every time a horrible crime of this type is committed, it is the law-abiding taxpayers who end up paying to feed, house and clothe the perpetrators for the rest of their lives.

If they want to act like animals, let’s treat them as such. If I had a pit bull that took a human’s life, it would be put down. This group — Edwin Hall, Roderick Nunley, Michael Taylor — doesn’t deserve to go out that peacefully.

A.P. Lane
Lake Lotawana

In October 1953, 6-year-old Bobby Greenlease was kidnapped and murdered. The perpetrators, a man and woman, were caught shortly thereafter. Their trial was short, because evidence was insurmountable. Three months after the guilty verdict, the two murderers were executed by electric chair. The case was closed.

Today, after changing the manner of execution to be more humane, systems have been managed to be more careful in favor of the accused. Evidence-gathering has been improved through science, and we have criminals sitting on death row in excess of 20 years.

“Justice delayed is justice denied” is an old adage that no one cares for anymore. Families have been decimated by the wanton actions of killers for reasons no one can understand. But justice creeps like a rusty slug. The truth is, there is no justice. It is a charade.

Frank Statesel
Overland Park


T. Hanson

Once again, till the Justice system is 100% correct 100% of the time then we should use immediate executions for capital offenses. Till then appeals need to be exercised.

Also, everyone keeps bringing up the Edward Hall case for capital punishment. Well the fact is this, the Prosecutor (Phil Kline) agreed to remove the death from the table if Ed confused. So if anyone is to blame for this is Phil. There has also been word that this was a sign of mercy gave by the parents of the victim.

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