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July 13, 2008

Obama: The new Jimmy Carter?

I am certain most people have felt that history was repeating itself.

I get this feeling when I hear Barack Obama selling l himself for the candidacy of president. Remember Jimmy Carter? He was an obscure governor of a southern state who presented himself as a Washington outsider, a fresh face who had no ax to grind, beholden to no one.

The young people of today who are smitten by Obama’s eloquence and charm don’t know that Carter also promised to solve all our problems.

I must remind them how Carter froze in his Ivory Oval Office for 444 days when the Iranian Revolutionary Guard overran the American Embassy in Tehran, took the American Embassy Staff hostage and humiliated the U.S.

He had the perfect opportunity and excuse — if it was even needed — to bomb Tehran into talcum powder, but instead he did nothing. It was at this point that the Muslim world got the impression that the U.S. was weak and they could damage us grievously with no consequences.

Had Carter acted decisively like a president of the U.S. should, we would not be facing an Iranian nuclear nightmare today.

Andrew Reiz
Overland Park




There you go again. If you could ever deal with Obama honestly, I think your head would explode.

Pub 17

You mean the speech were he told La Raza, and I quote:
1. Yes, they broke the law.
2. We should not excuse that.
3. We should require them to pay a fine
4. We should require them to learn English
5. We should make them go to the back of the line for citizenship.
That's pretty straightforward, Engineer.


I just heard Obama in effect attacking "typical white persons' in his speech to Latinos/Hispanics. And he's a "Uniter"?


This week's version of McCain's budget plan includes savings for his balanced 2013 budget, achieved through massive withdrawls from Iraq (oops, I mean "surrender"). McCain's agressive withdrawl plan would save $150 billion in four years, while Obama's withdrawl plan saves only $90 billion. Of course, the difference in the plans is that McCain is merely withdrawing our troops. Obama's plan is same, except that it's surrender. Why? Because McCain says so.


The other way he can balance the budget is by finding "creative" ways to raise taxes on the rich:

"In an interview, Carly Fiorina, a top adviser, explains that any tax increases on ``middle- and working-class'' Americans are off limits. She says if a bipartisan coalition is ``creative enough'' to fashion tax increases on wealthier Americans, that may prove palatable."


Withdrawl from Iraq by 2013, raising taxes on the rich, closing Gitmo, cap and trade...if McCain tries any harder to copy Obama, Republican pundits will have to start insinuating that he and his wife hate America.

I wouldn't worry too much about it, Republicans. I'm sure once this stuff gets out, McCain will reassure that his spokespeople don't speak for him.


Obama: The new Jimmy Carter?

Bush: The new Herbert Hoover.


Iran's photoshopped missiles are definitely a threat to us, and we need to invade now. Look at these shocking and frightening photos, and you'll see all the proof you need to get onboard the Attack Iran Express:



If you ever wonder what Rogue looks like, here's an artist rendition:


Pub 17

Mao Zhe Dong is way too conservative for me. Ghod I need more coffee.

Pub 17

I'm still confused, Rogue; as a sensible, wingtip-wearing, Rush-listening Republican, am I supposed to be FOR experienced, heroic, family man McCain, or AGAINST the liberal-in-sheep's-clothing worthless opportunist bastid, the way I was told to be a two-three months ago?


But wait I forgot, the Messiah promises "change".



Ah yes Osama Yomama Barack Hussein Obama, the messiah to our friends Lib Jim, 17 Pubes, and the whipserer....The man with a defense policy from the '30s, and a public policy from the sixties!

The man who like his hero Jimma who will reintroduce the famous "misery index". Double digit inflation, interest rates and unemployment rates.

Bend over briskly America, get braced and grab your ankles......


Andrew says Obama is just like Carter, then proceeds to make absolutely no case to support it. It's supposed to be true just is because the GOP elite says he is. Meanwhile, the Bush Doctrine has much more in common with Carter's Iran policy than anything Obama has proposed, and McCain wants to continue this failure.

It's sad that this absolute tripe is the only thing they've got. Absolutely pathetic.

Pub 17

And John McCain is the new Bob Dole. What's yer point, bright eyes?

I GOT IT! Let's re-elect Ronald Reagan, and he can triple the national debt again in the name of fiscal responsibility.


Carter should have offered to trade arms for the hostages, like Reagan would do six years later.

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